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Rewild Your Life


Rewilding is defined as a form of ecological restoration aimed at increasing biodiversity and restoring natural processes. It focuses on replacing human interventions with natural processes. It supports our environment to come back to better balance and restore native wildlife. 


It sounds powerful and important, but often the average human is left wondering how they can help in this movement, or even if they can help at all. 


Every day we are given opportunities to make an impact on our environment and therefore our own future. It is absolutely in your power to be a part of the rewilding movement. You don’t have to be an experienced environmentalist or farmer. 


All you have to be is a human being who cares and then moves through your day with intention to love and bring more awareness to the healing of our Mother Earth. In my past life, I was a city girl who loved living in the big city of Chicago while in my home country. When I first moved to Australia, I spent many years in the city of Brisbane and loved living there. And yet, I longed for a deeper connection to nature and started to find ways to bring more of it into my life. 


Now I wake up and go outside into my garden to put my feet on the Earth and appreciate the beauty of this land. I hear the birdsong and feel the sun on my face and in those moments, I know am rewilding myself. For me, it has very much become a spiritual practice and one that has brought me so much joy and purpose. I do it because I love my planet but also for my children, for my heart, and for the powerful connection I feel with nature and her presence in all that I do and all that I am. 


Rewilding Can Be Simple

Rewilding can be as simple as taking a walk outside and noticing nature all around you. Allowing yourself to truly see the trees above, to admire the birds or mountains, or simply be under the big blue sky. If you are living a city life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t rewild yourself, it just might mean you need to be more creative. Find a park nearby so you can put your feet on the grass, bring more plants into your home, start a compost bin in your home, and plant a window garden with your soil. 


There are so many ways to rewild but I believe it first starts with observing and caring about your environment, this place we call home. Once we care about something, we want to create change, we want to help. Rewilding offers hope for the future of our planet, our children, and future generations to come. 


One of the most simple and powerful ways to rewild our own home is to start a garden. Start small. Plant a few flowers, grow a veggie or two, and feel how your connection to the natural world begins to shift. This may also bring more awareness to the little and large seasonal changes and daily rhythms. Notice the wildlife that interacts with your garden and how these small steps begin to create that inner and outer rewilding within your own life. 


I will always be growing and learning ways in which I can help to rewild our Earth. It’s a beautiful journey that each of us can embark on, no matter where we live. 


There is hope and it begins with each of us. 


Rewild your life and watch it bloom in the wonder of your inner and outer world.  





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