There is an ancient legend of a sacred realm called


A way of being, where we are fully connected to nature, our life purpose, and our life force.
This way of living has been passed down from ancient teachings for thousands of years.


To live in harmony with nature and grow food in a way that connects us to the abundance and interconnected energy cycles of nature.

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Shambhala Living

The Member Portal to Heart Centred Living.


The 3 pillars of Shambhala Living:

Grow, Nourish, Connect.

We are a small farm with a big heart.

We are based at Shambhala Farm, a 12-acre permaculture living classroom, with The Yoga Shala situated in the heart of the land.



Soil is Life. The fundamental pillar to our ability to survive and thrive as a species on the Earth is based upon our ability to preserve, regenerate and grow soil life.  

Soil is the interface where the elements meet and life begins. 

It is the gardeners, the seed savers, the composters and regenerators of this world who are growing the seeds of change for a new future. Join the global movement and become a soil gardener/guardian. 



Real health begins with the quality of the food we eat and the quality of the soil it was grown in. 

Wellness naturally arises when we nourish our bodies and our micro-biome with a diverse range of whole foods. 

Nourish your self with fresh fruits and vegetables, quality protein, healthy fats and probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods.

Drink plenty of clean water, breath clean air and move in ways that align the spine, limbs and organs.


Connection to the abundant source of life pulsing through nature is at the heart of the Shambhala practice. 

Living from our heart centre we begin to recalibrate our heart compass and embody the interconnected web of life that thrives in abundance within each of us. 

We tap into the ancient secrets of Life, a way of living in harmony with the sacred nature of life. 

Courses We Offer


6 Day Intensive

Shambhala 6 Day On Farm Intensive Course is only available four times a year. 6 intensive days of hands on experience and training at the farm. This course also includes access to everything in the online course.


12 Week Food Growing Course

This course is our signature course on how to grow your own food in your backyard or on any scale. We go through the core fundamentals for sustainable and regenerative food growing.


7 Day Cleanse

This 7 Day Cleanse is designed with real food to cleanse and detoxify your body and will improve your ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. It will stabilize and improve your energy.

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Shambhala Yoga Membership

Shambhala Yoga is available online and at our yoga shala. We are passionate about connecting back to the heart through asana, breathwork, and meditation.

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Hi! We are...

Craig, Chrissy, and Birdie

We are passionate about family, living close to the earth, and finding ways to live in a more regenerative and healthy way.

We run Shambhala Yoga Farm on the Sunshine Coast Australia, and share with others the abundant gifts of nature on this 12-acre living classroom.


Client Love


Janet Johnson

"I feel so much stronger after taking Chrissy's class."

Aimee Right

"I loved the 12-week food growing course and now have a garden full of fresh leafy greens!"

Jamie Sonet

"Craig's workshop helped me build confidence with starting my own seeds."

Regenerative Living

Being a regenerative gardener is more than just growing food and plants. It’s a perspective shift and a way of living.

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