Shambhala Sanctuary 




A sanctuary for your body, mind, and spirit


Shambhala Sanctuary is a space to grow and nourish the connection between your body, mind, and spirit. It is a space to bring you in deeper connection with Mama Earth and all of her healing power and her beauty. 

We offer a range of services including massage, acupuncture, Postpartum Care, Womb Ceremony and Yoni Steaming, Pregnancy Massage and much more. 

Our team of experienced practitioners are here to support you on your journey to wellness. 

We believe in working with the Earth in Her elements and seasons to connect deeper to our individual flows and cycles and move from surviving to thriving. 

Contact us today and experience the beauty of the land of Shambhala and the healing of our experienced practitioners.  



Shambhala Sanctuary is a dedicated space to bring you back to your optimal way of being, to thrive in all aspects of your health and well-being. It is a place to bring you back to Mother Earth and in doing so, to your own heart. 




Our practitioners are experienced, diverse and passionate about connecting others with the tools and practices they need to live a more embodied and abundant life. 


Doctor of Chinese Medicine, BHSc Acupuncture, Matrescence & Motherhood coaching and programs, Doula



Ayurvedic Medicine, specialising in Pregnancy and Post Partum Care



Practicing sports specific & injury prevention Remedial Massage Treatments



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Nadja has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Her personal and profession life has revolved around learning, teaching and treating with natural ways to prevent and enhance the individuals health and well being.She began her studies in Sydney as a Naturopathy which lead her into traditional Chinese medicine. In 2008 she graduated at the Guan Jiao Universaty in China and has never looked back. She was blessed to be exposed to a traditional Japanese Master- Masakazu Ikeda Sensai via her teacher Mr Alan Jannson who has been instrumental in her way of treating.

She opened her private practise not long after graduating and has always had an affinity to helping women during the pre and post natal chapter.

She was the first acupuncturist to have been accredited at Sunshine Coast Private hospital to provide acupuncture for women in labour. Over the 13 year of living on the coast she developed a reputation as an acupuncturist who specialises in the pre and post natal care.

She went on to study the art of being a Doula and has loved supporting women during pregnancy and labour. After giving birth and transitioning into motherhood her self she realised there was a gap in care for women in the post natal chapter.

From her studies she has learned all traditional cultures have customs and practises to cherish, celebration, and deeply care for woman after birth. Western culture had dropped the ball regarding supporting women in the “4th trimester” causing women to develop a large number of issues starting with post natal depression. The pressure on “the modern women” couldn’t be more challenging. She is to be a productive successful career women, mother, wife, and smile through it all. It’s time to fill the gap and bring back postpartum care practised.

“Matrescence”- coined by anthropologist Dana Raphael- defines the process of becoming a mother. It’s a word used to describe the physical, psychological and emotional changes women go through during the monumental transformation that is motherhood.

It gives Nadja great pleasure to inform people, through her public speaking, workshops and events, and one on one consultations, about this transition that can take years depending on how many children she has.

Currently she is incredibly passionate about supporting people to live a more awake, aware, and empowered life. She runs a busy private practise from home and then is always working on projects to make a positive difference for the world.

Nadja is available for bookings on Mondays and Wednesdays. To Book with Nadja, please contact her via mobile 0418 457 076 or email: [email protected].


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Hi I’m Kali….

My two greatest joys are my family and both inspiring and being with women during their pregnancy and Birth Journeys through my soul business Wild Grace Healing - Ancient Healing for Modern Women.

I birthed both my babies naturally, my second born at home in the water. The experience of birth changed me so profoundly that I wish to share this with women as they go through their journey’s too.
I have. a 15 year background as a Yoga instructor, pregnancy yoga and active birth facilitator. I then focused on Nutrition and Herbal Medicine through. an Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine, specialising in Pregnancy and Post Partum Care.
I am a Birth Keeper and Post Partum Doula, Coach, Women’s Body Worker, and I also offer Traditional Treatments for Pregnancy and Post Partum such as Yoni steaming, womb and pelvic massage, and Closing of the Bones Ceremony.

Kali offers treatments on Tuesdays. To find out more about her offerings and to book a treatment, visit her website or contact her on 0400727717.


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Professionally practicing sports specific & injury prevention Remedial Massage Treatments for over 2.5 years in a traditional western setting, I have been able to treat, learn and study many injuries of the body.
As I learn more about Holistic Health and beyond the physical, my practice now encompasses the gap between western treatment and holistic intuitive healing.
This transition has been embedded deep within me, and I am excited to now be bringing this co creation of both my worlds into one.
For you and all your injury/prevention needs, I work one on one, to ensure your treatment is tailored and that we are seeing results so I can facilitate helping get you back to what you love!

Jamie-Lee offers treatments on Fridays. You can contact her to book an appointment on 0474827796 or email her at [email protected].


Our healing space is situated on the beautiful land of Shambhala, the land of the Gubbi Gubbi people and is surrounded by banana trees, flowers and farm life.