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How Gardeners Can Help Others

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Those of us who are lucky enough to have our own gardens or growing spaces should always try to truly appreciate and make the most of what we have. But beyond thinking about how a garden can meet our own needs and wishes, we should also give some thought to how, through tending our gardens in specific ways, we can help others in our local area, and in the wider world. 

Many of the world's problems can be solved in a garden. And by thinking about how, as gardeners, we can help others – locally and globally – we can truly make a difference. Here are just some of the ways gardeners can help others as they design, manage and tend their own growing spaces.


Share and Collaborate

Of course, one of the key things to think about when trying to help others through gardening is how and where we can share and collaborate with others in our areas and our wider communities. 

For example, you might:

  • Share space – allowing others to tend space that you do not, in return for a share of the produce, for example. You might also welcome in other gardeners to work with you in your garden. Or simply to allow others who don't necessarily have the benefit of their own garden to enjoy the space alongside you. 
  • Share tools & resources – tool banking schemes, community compost creation... these are just some examples of the ways gardeners can come together to help one another in their gardens. 
  • Share knowledge and skills – passing on what you know and have learned as a gardener to others who may just be beginning their gardening journeys. 
  • Share seeds and plants – swapping seeds, propagating plants to pass on to others... there are many ways to help others get growing using the plants you already grow.
  • Share your harvest – of course you can also share yields of all kinds with friends, neighbours and the wider community.


Embrace Carbon Gardening & Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Looking at the bigger picture is also very important when thinking about how you can help others in your garden. By embracing carbon gardening, you can make sure that your outside spaces help tackle climate change by sequestering as much carbon as possible.

As a gardener, you can also cut your carbon footprint by making the right gardening choices – limiting consumption, and creating sustainable, closed-loop systems.


Reduce and Reverse Biodiversity Losses

Global warming is not the only world-wide crisis we face. Biodiversity loss is another major concern and one that we can help to tackle in our gardens by planting for as much biodiversity as possible and welcoming wildlife into our space.


Use and Manage Water Wisely

Another key area where gardeners can have a huge impact on people in a broader sense is through water management. Managing water wisely and well on our own properties can reduce the strain on communal water resources, and help others in the area. 

These are just a few examples of the many ways that gardeners can help others through the choices they make and what they do in their own gardens.




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