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Home-Grown Gift Ideas


When you grow your own in your garden, you can often grow far more than you need for just your family. You  will often have an excess to share with family or friends. Home-grown gift ideas allow you to share the efforts of your work in your garden, and also allow you to show others how much you care in an eco-friendly way. 

The more you are already growing on your property, of course, the more options you will have. And the more age-old traditional skills you learn, the more ways you will discover to make use of the things that you grow. 

Here are some categories of home-grown gifts that you might derive from your outside space:


Gift Plants or Seeds

The first and most obvious idea is simply to spread the love of gardening, and give others plants or seeds from your garden that they can use in their own.


Gift Fresh Produce

You might also, if you have a successful food-producing garden, give away some of the fresh produce that you grow. When packaged up in baskets or boxes in an appealing way, home-grown organic produce can be a wonderful gift.


Gift Baked Goods, Meals or Preserves

Homegrown meals can also be a great gift, and you can also go beyond simply gifting your fruits, vegetables or herbs and instead gift things that you have prepared lovingly using those ingredients. Cookies, cakes or muffins, healthy 'ready meals', jams, jellies chutneys and other preserves are just some options to consider.


Gift Dried Herbs, Herb Blends or Spices

Herbs from your garden can be packaged up in several different ways to make great gifts. You might simply make some little jars filled with someone's favourite herbs, or fill jars with different herbs and spices to make your own personalized blends.


Gift Flowers, Fresh Cut or Dried

Flowers also often make a lovely gift. Even if you cannot give living plants, you might also consider giving away bouquets or arrangements of flowers from your garden – either fresh – or dried so that they last longer.


Gift Soaps, Lotions or Other Cleaning or Beauty Products

Another idea is to learn a new skill and make soaps, lotions or other cleaning or beauty products using the natural ingredients from your garden. There are plenty of amazing ideas and recipes to explore.


Gift Hand-Crafted Items Make From Natural Materials

Learning new skills might also allow you to make the most of the things growing in your garden in a whole range of other ways. For example, you might learn to weave with natural fibres. You might learn basketry. Or you might learn more about woodworking and carve or create a range of beautiful wooden gifts using wood grown on your property. 

These are just some of the many gifts that you might give that make use of the natural abundance of your garden. And show others how much you really care – both about them and about our planet.



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