#1: Awakening Your Shambhala Self

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to episode 1 of the Shambhala Living Podcast. The intention of this podcast is to awaken your Shambhala self. A state of being, where we are fully connected to our intuition, our life purpose and the abundance of nature. Our Vision is that we as humans awaken to our full potential and live in harmony with nature. We are so much more than we think we are. As we awaken our hearts, we tap into our full purpose and our most powerful connected self with joy and connection beyond our wildest dreams. Over the last 25years I have trained in the areas of martial arts as a black belt in Kung fu with a focus on Chi Gong, meditation and breath work. Later I took up my yoga teacher training and started to find similarities in the ways of these ancient teachings. Finally all of the pieces started to connect when I began learning the art and joy of food growing. I found the garden was such a profound teacher as a way of deepening my connection to the earth. This sparked a vision to bring all these elements into a sustainable Sanctuary surrounded by nature where I could raise my family a d grow our own food while also giving others a place to learn, practice and share in community. I have been fascinated with the world of wellness and heart connected living ever since. Together with my wife Chrissy Beth a long time yoga teacher, and lover of movement, music, flowers and joy and the mother of our beautiful baby girl, Birdie Skye. We have been manifesting this shared vision into what is now know as Shambhala Farm, a wellness and yoga lifestyle space based on a 12acre organic farm where we run courses, retreats and trainings in the area of wellness, sustainable living, organic food growing and yoga. Our mantra is Grow, Nourish, Connect; and we thrive by inspiring others to live their most abundant, purposeful and vibrant self. Our Mission is to share these ancient teachings to inspire others to awaken to their most vibrant connected self and to continue creating healing space on throughout this channel to allow the Shambhala community to go deep and connect to the powerful heart within and tap into the powerful universal energy that flows fully in nature. Back in 1934 a man that is now regarded as the founder of the modern organic movement wrote these words. "Can mankind regulate its affairs so that its chief possession -- the fertility of the soil -- is preserved?" On the answer to this question the future of civilization lies." Sir Albert Howard This realisation hit me hard that the fertility of our soil underpinns our very civilisation as we know it. This understanding transformed the way I live and the world I want to leave for my children. Almost 90 years after this was written it is more important now than ever before that we look after our most precious resource, the soil life and our connection to Mother Earth and share the ways that we can regenerate our soil life and live in sustainable ways so that our future generations have an Earth to enjoy. My purpose now is to share these ways and the Shambhala living podcast will be one of the ways in which this happens. On the next episode I’ll share more about my personal story and in future episodes we will be talking with others about sustainable living and regenerative food growing and conscious living. Thanks for listening and I look forward to sharing with you again soon. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shambhalaliving/message