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Episode 26:

My death experience in the Himalayas

Craig Hubbard





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October 10, 2021 

Episode 25:


Craig Hubbard





In this episode, I'm gonna share the time that I was in Nepal, searching for Shambala and I found myself in a Buddhist monastery facing my death. It was 2008, I had Isaiah, I had a one year old. I was living in Shambala, one that I call it and I had an opportunity to go to Nepal. I already had an experience with the concept of Shambala. I'd read a few different books and perspectives, and I was in love with this concept, this magical way of living this place that we could potentially visit in real life, but also to uncover and grow into internally and a way of life...

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This episode is all about turning our biggest waste into our most precious resource. Humanure is basically the science behind composting toilets. A compost toilet requires no water, plumbing, pipes, vents, drains, electricity, or urine separation. It's a toilet that makes gardens. It's designed to collect toilet material for composting in a separate location. This 11 minute video provides a brief overview on the toilet and the processes. You can read the whole book in our course library for free if you are member. Otherwise check it out here https://humanurehandbook.com/ for the past 14 year we have been using simple compost toilets to transform l humanure into amazing compost. I would highly recommend it and we have had way less problems then our council approved liquid system that using electricity, pumps, water and costs thousands and requires twice yearly maintenance, compared to the static, zero water, zero problem zero cost system we have used and so have hundreds of our staff, guests, trainees and clients. Compost toilets can provide a sanitation solution when water or electricity are not available, or when you simply want to make more compost or less environmental pollution...

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