"My fatigue has vanished, I have abundant energy and Iā€™m feeling so much healthier. ā€œ - Jenny , Noosa


The 10-Step Guide (Valued at $22)


The 10-Step Guide (Valued at $19.95)

Get Ready To Live Your Healthiest, Most Vibrant and Vital Life!

If you want the most nutritious way to good health;

The answer is: Dark Rich Leafy Greens.
Green Smoothies are the easiest and most delicious way to digest these fresh leafy greens.

Ā ā€‹Rich in Vitamins:Ā Fresh Leafy greens are packed full of vitamin A, C, E and K. which help support your immune system, protect bones from osteoporosis and help to prevent against inflammatory diseases.

Ā ā€‹Antioxidants:Ā Fresh Leafy Greens also contain an abundance of antioxidants that protect cells and play roles in blocking the early stages of cancer.

Ā ā€‹Calcium:Ā Greens are a great source of non-dairy calcium.

Some love for the smoothie ebook

Sally, Sunshine Beach

“Last week I began my Green Juice & Smoothie detox. It has been amazing! I am 2kgs lighter, have more energy than ever before and have kicked my coffee habit. I have never felt this good and will continue with my Green Smoothies every day!”

Jenny , Noosa

“I wish I had found out about green smoothies earlier! I can’t believe how much more energy I have just by simply changing my diet to include 2 green smoothies a day. My digestion is so much better and my skin looks amazing. My fatigue has vanished, I have abundant energy and I’m feeling so much healthier." 

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About the Author

Craig Hubbard Is an organic farmer, father, yoga teacher and Managing Director of Shambhala Farm on the Sunshine Coast.
"My Green Smoothie journey began when I made the choice to leave the hustle & bustle of Sydney city, in favour of a simpler life in the hinterland valleys of the Sunshine Coast."

"Here I discovered a deep love of food growing and sustainable living and discovered the nutritional and healing benefits of fresh living leafy greens. I also discovered ... there is only so much salad my kids can eat! So I threw the greens in the blender with some fruit and rainwater and made the most yummy glass of goodness - and they loved it!! Hence my Green Smoothie Revolution was borne...."

"My partner Chrissy and I now own and manage this 12 acre Organic Farm & Yoga Retreat in Noosa called Shambhala Farm. We drink Green Smoothies most mornings and continue to spread the word on Living Greens. Each Saturday, before sunrise, Our team deliver boxes full of organic greens to our local community, to help fuel the Green Smoothie Revolution."

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