Shambhala Garden Mastery: Transformation & Coaching Program


Step into the world of sustainable living with the "Shambhala Garden Mastery:  Transformation & Coaching Program," an intensive journey to revolutionize your approach to gardening. With an investment of AUD $5000, this program isn't just about growing plants—it's about cultivating a regenerative lifestyle in connection with Nature.

If you want to pay by Bitcoin or your preferred Blockchain/Cryptocurrency you can do so on this link. We have a $500 incentive to encourage you to pay via a more resilient decentralized currency system. Here is the link for the Blockchain checkout page link. 

This program is more than just a course—it's a commitment to transform your space into a flourishing food garden that nourishes and inspires. With Craig Hubbard's seasoned guidance, you'll embark on a path of growth that extends beyond the garden and into life itself. Join us on this green-thumbed adventure and root your future in resilience and abundance.

What People Are Saying:

Shambhala's Food Growing Course is so much more than a "how to" video tutorial, which took me pleasantly by surprise! It is a tapestry which weaves philosophy with practicality, visually beautiful and creative, like unveiling a work of art. Not only am I inspired to grow food in particular, but to grow myself closer to nature in general, to move with her seasons and rhythms, and come into alignment with the principles of sustainability. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and paralysed by climate crisis, I feel hopeful that I can make a difference.


"I would definitely recommend the Shambhala Food growing course. The videos make it so easy to learn and the live Q&As worked great."


"I think learning how to grow your own food is a really great skill to have. It brings you back connected to the earth. It's an amazing life skill to have, and I think so many of us are so detached from the food system, and I think actually being connected to the source is really important.


12 Month Coaching Program $5000

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